Thursday, February 5, 2009

Enemies of the state

Holy moly!!! The political storm in my home state, Perak has been the talk of town over the past 2 weeks. It all began with the defection of the Bota assemblyman from BN to PR (which now looking back in hindsight, could be a decoy planted by BN). BN responded by alleging that 2 assemblypersons would defect from PR to BN (now revealed to be the Behrang & Changkat Jering reps earlier tainted with corruption allegations by BN).

Next, Tajol Rosli no longer is the Perak Umno chief. Guess who assumed the post? Our PM-in-waiting... (definitely not PM-elect, mind you!)
Then a PR guy came out with a statutory declaration stating that after the last general elections, he was brought before the DPM and offered huge sums to defect to BN. A former deputy minister responded in defence of the DPM by saying there was no money involved. Then the state assembly speaker received undated letters signed by the two, purporting that they wished to get out of their political party. The Election Commission looked at the letters and announced that there's no need for a by-election. Soon, the Bota rep decided to go back BN again.
However, the REAL bomb......was the betrayal of the Jelapang assemblywoman! The female rep went MIA and made futile efforts to refute her eventual exit from DAP.
Right now PR are level with BN with 28 seats each, but BN claimed to have the support of the 4 so-called "independent" flers. In other words, PR no longer commands the majority and it's up to Sultan Azlan Shah to consent the dissolvement of the state assembly or let BN assume office.
As expected, His Majesty didn't want to trigger any snap elections but he advised the chief minister of the PR government, Nizar, to step down together with his cabinet. Nizar is standing firm not to resign. Now the government offices are surrounded by the Federal Reserve Unit.

DRAMATIC, man!!!!
Najib is smiling triumphantly. He's truly in good spirits.

The Bota rep is clearly feeling uncomfortable and out of place.

The Changkat Jering & Behrang reps were genuinely happy too. Are their pockets bulkier now? Who knows...

Lastly, another gloomy person. GUILTY is written all over her face.

"Ampun Dato' Seri...beribu-ribu ampun"
Hail Malaysia's new "royalty"!!! His father took over the country's helm from Tunku Abdul Rahman, thereby eliminating the last remnants of political power amongst the Malay royalty.