Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why did the chicken cross the road? (Malaysian version)

DISCLAIMER: This post is purely meant for entertainment purposes only.

It looks like a chicken, it sounds like a chicken but I'm not saying it's a chicken
Correct, correct, correct!

to be the first chicken Prime Minister before age 40

Syed Hamid
we are tabling a new Bill to stop the chicken from crossing the road....No, this is not politically motivated

Arif Shah
to study PhD in Edision University lah...

Ahmad Ismail
because its ancestors are immigrants and squatters

I was not there when the chicken crossed the road

I have never met the chicken....huh, what photo?...oh all right, it crossed the road to my house to request for scholarship

PI Bala (before disappearing)
My previous SD was made under duress....I hereby declare that did not see or hear the chicken cross the road

I invited it back into UMNO

to cross over to Pakatan come September 16

I swear the chicken just put its ***** into my *** without my consent!!!

Che Det
chicken mudah lupa. Saya juga mudah lupa

Patrick Teoh

Pak Lah